AmeriCorps Week 2014 Planning Committee

Our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation goes to the AmeriCorps Week 2014 Planning Committee, which is comprised of 24 individuals who have volunteered their time to help organize these events:


Durba Chatterjee           Sharita Collins                                   Elizabeth Crossen         Emily Ewing

Jessie Hartmann           Devon Hawkins-Anderson          Katie Hoetzer                   Trenton Jones

Taron Jordan                 Jordan Kimelheim                           Raina Kirchner                 Jingwen Li

Devan Lowery                 Avery Martin                                        Libbie Morgan                 Karly Pulcinella

Kerby Rauscher             Ellen Rhudy                                         Abigail Sherburne          Devin Sioma

Meaghan Wood


and lead organizers:

Porsche Holland

Emma Bettman Bardes

#phillygetsitdone          #supportphillyAC         #AmeriCorps20

@AmeriCorps          @VISTAbuzz          @seniorcorps        @AmeriCorpsNCCC          @nationalservice


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